fulton.gifFulton Oil-Fired, Gas-Fired, and Combination Oil/Gas-Fired Steam Boilers

Fulton - for over 35 years the leader in design and manufacture of efficient vertical tubeless boilers for pressures up to 300psi. All Fulton oil and gas boilers incorporate the Fulton designed and manufactured power burner, a forced draft type system designed to deliver an efficient spinning radiant flame.


Combination oil/gas fired boilers:

Capable of instantaneous changeover to second fuel without retooling or special adjustments.


Fulton Electric Steam or Hot Water Boilers

Fulton manufactures a complete line of totally efficient electric steam and hot water boilers. The 50 to 1000 kW boilers are constructed with vertically hung low-watt density stainless steel elements extending nearly the length of the boiler to quickly and efficiently heat the water contained within the boiler vessel. Through expansion and contraction of elements, deposits tend to flake off and drop to the bottom of the boiler thus assuring longer element life. The elements are easily maintained by unbolting and removing top flanged units.


Fulton Return Systems and Blow-Off Separators

Return Systems: Automatically controlled water condensation return unit incorporated with tank sized for maximum efficiency / lower fuel consumption. Heavy gauge, properly sized tanks built for easy removal and replacement. Rugged, efficient water feed pump. Welded frame for rigid support, smooth pump operation. Vertical return systems can be ordered separately or pre-piped to your boiler.


Blow-off separators:

Baffle plate absorbs steam flash and pressure for safe steam expulsion through vent. Water and sludge pass through drain to sewer. 3" x 4" cleaning/inspection hole.


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