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Considered North America's most advanced oil burner, the Riello 40 Series is the product of years of engineering excellence. Riello has been at the forefront of burner technology since their first line was introduced in 1920. Today, Riello's scientists and engineers continue the tradition, developing new materials, processes and technologies, and incorporating only the best into Riello products.

No other burner offers Riello's unique combination of fuel efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance.



Riello's advanced electronic control combines interrupted ignition, a 5-second safety shutoff and a 10-second prepurge cycle all in one module, for reliable performance throughout the heating season.


Low Power Consumption

Riello's high-speed, thermally-protected motor is engineered for low power consumption, and is completely sealed, eliminating the need for maintenance.



The Riello 40 combustion head assembly has been engineered for precise control of the air/oil mixture. This means peak combustion efficiency can be achieved in a variety of applications.


Easy to Service

Our modular components are easy to reach and easy to remove. The electronic control subbase is pre-wired at our factory to simplify installation.



The attractive burner cover is offered with operational acoustic insulation for quiet operation and is constructed of durable heavy gauge metal. The cover also helps to discourage tampering.


Fuel Efficient

The heat-saving air shutter blocks the air intake when the burner is not operating, virtually eliminating heat loss through the burner.


Each Riello 40 burner is a completely integrated package. Our components are designed to work together as a system for reliable, fuel-efficient heat generation with low maintenance and operating costs. Every burner is thoroughly tested at our factory, to ensure the highest level of quality and performance when installed in your home.

Available in 5 models, the Riello 40 burner can accommodate heat output requirements from 70,000 to 896,00 BTUs per hour, and properly installed, can achieve efficiency ratings of close to 90%. And, Riello burners comply with the most demanding environmental standards in every region of the country.


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