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Series MP Boilers Advantages of Rockmills Boilers

Rockmills boilers can be field fabricated (from 10 BHP to 900 BHP) to save costly rigging and demolition charges. All we need is a normal doorway for access, resulting in substantial savings.


Three Pass Scotch Marine Design

The three pass scotch marine design produces maximum efficiency of heat transfer with the lowest possible cost of maintenance.


Full Wetback Design

The full wetback design permits high heat absorption in the reversing chamber rather than reflecting it back to the rear tube ends as is the case in the "dry back" boiler which results in the need to weld the rear tube ends. Eliminates the need for extensive brick and refractory work in the rear of the boiler and the periodic replacement.



Rockmills boilers have tubes which are rolled and flared into the tube sheets. There are no welded tubes in Rockmills boilers.


Ample Furnace Volume

Generously proportioned furnaces and rear combustion chambers provide maximum radiant heat transfer in the first pass. Boiler tube arrangement in the last two passes permit maximum heat extraction, while still maintaining exit gas temperatures above the dew point. Rockmills furnace is completely submerged within the boiler, which results in improved internal water circulation.


Easy Fireside Access

Access to the front tube area is made easy by sturdy, gas tight, hinged and insulated doors. A twenty inch gas tight hinged access door with observation port is mounted in the rear combustion chamber for easy inspection and maintenance.


Quiet Operation

The use of heavy steel plates in areas normally utilizing light steel, such as smoke boxes, saddles, etc. tends to eliminate possible vibrations from fans, motors, pumps or accessories.



The Rockmills Multi-Pass boilers have been operating in the field since 1954. Rockmills boilers have been producing efficiencies of up to 85% from the model MP-20 (20bhp) unit in a small school, to a multimillion dollar fuel oil storage plant using three MP-900 (900 bhp). Rockmills Multi-Pass allows for forced or induced draft firing. The compact design of the Multi-Pass allows boiler replacement in limited areas which might not be possible using other type boilers.


Steam and Hot Water

Standard low pressure 15 psig steam; 30 psig hot water, available to 160 psig.


Meets Industry Standards

ASME Code; National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors; UL approved burners.


Ample Steam Storage Space

The Rockmills boiler contains ample steam storage space to assure high quality dry steam, even at maximum output while maintaining a steady water line and uniform steam pressure without priming.


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