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Burnham V7 Burnham
V7 Series Hot Water or Steam Boiler

Lifetime Quality for Your Home
The improved Burnham V7, like all Burnham products, is built with performance and dependability in mind. Burnham combines cast iron with quality components and controls to provide efficient and economical oil-fired water and steam heating.

"V" is for Versatility
The V7 is available in many configurations for water and steam including the following:

  • Packaged
  • Knocked Down
  • Cold Start (without tankless heater)
  • With Tankless Heater
  • Standard Efficiency
  • High Efficiency

Cast Iron Dependability
Cast iron has the unique ability to absorb and transfer heat quickly and efficiently while providing unmatched durability. At our own foundry we produce all Burnham boiler castings "in-house" to ensure quality and availability. Burnham is the only boiler manufacturer in the U.S. that can make such a claim.

State-of-the-Art Construction
Burnham builds America's hardest working, most dependable home heating boilers. All V7 boilers include the following features:

  • Rugged cast iron sections: designed to extract the maximum amount of heat, reducing fuel consumption and saving you money.

  • Cast iron couplings called "nipples": impervious to petroleum based chemicals, including anti-freeze, which can deteriorate the gaskets used in some competitors' boilers. The cast iron nipples expand and contract with the cast iron boiler sections they join. This ensures the integrity of the entire section assembly. Time-proven cast iron nipples last the life of the boiler.

  • Lifetime Nipple Leakage Warranty on water and steam: Exclusive Iron Nipple Seal of Dependability certifies the use of a proven method of boiler construction that assures reliable performance for a lifetime.

  • Easy Service Features: The V7 is designed for quick, inexpensive servicing. An easy lift-off side panel allows quick removal so that the flueways can be cleaned easily for high operating efficiency. The jacket design allows for entry from both the top and side for more effective cleaning.

  • The Burnham V7 burner swing door allows for easy access to the combustion chamber for fast servicing saving time and money. Burnham uses Honeywell controls which are the highest quality brand name controls assuring reliability and availability.

More for Less - Domestic Hot Water
Today's homeowners need more hot water than ever before, for showers, dishwashers, washing machines, hot tubs, etc. To meet these hot water needs, the V7 is available with an optional tankless heater. Or for even greater domestic water capacity, plus fire-on-demand fuel savings, a cold start (heating only) V7 model with a Burnham Alliance indirect fired water heater is available.

Optional Tankless Heater
The V7 Series boiler can be equipped with a built-in tankless water heater. The heater provides large quantities of water for all your family's uses.

Cold Start V7 + Alliance
For even greater hot water requirements, combine the cold-start V7 with an Alliance indirect water heater. Boiler water circulates through the Alliance heat exchanger, heating domestic water which is stored in the tank. The ability to store hot water with very low losses keeps your boiler off for up to 12 hours during non-use periods - thereby saving you money! The recovery rate of the Alliance is 2-3 times faster than most electric and direct-fired water heaters. And by heating your water with oil, you'll cut your fuel bills 30% to 50% when compared to electric water heaters.

Start Saving Now!
A new V7 boiler with an annual fuel utilization efficiency of 86.2% can save you as much as 30% on your heating bills and pay for itself in just a few years from the fuel savings alone.

Quality Since 1873
Burnham has manufactured quality boilers for over 100 years and continues to provide reliable home heating comfort.

Lifetime Limited Warranty
Every V7 cast iron heat exchanger is covered by our Lifetime True-Blue Limited Warranty on water boilers and ten years on the steam heat exchanger. And that's not all. Burnham's Winter Warmth Assurance plan offers 5 or 10 year blanket coverage when purchased through a member of America's Home Heating Team. The program pays 100% for parts and labor on qualified repairs for 5 or 10 years from the date of installation. Burnham and the versatile V7 - your home heating solution!

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