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Burnham V11 Burnham
V11 Series Hot Water or Steam Boiler

The Commercial Boiler for the Job
The new Burnham V11 Series boiler is built to last using an assembly method that is preferred by many mechanical contractors and building owners. The cast iron sectional design of the V11 boiler makes it ideal for use in installations where the boiler room is not easily accessible. In addition top being shipped as loose sections, the boiler is available with factory assembled sections or as a completely packaged and fire tested unit.
Cast iron has the unique ability to absorb and transfer heat quickly while providing unmatched durability.

As a forced draft boiler, the Burnham V11 provides optimum draft for controlled combustion and maximum efficiency, eliminating the need for high chimneys or induced draft fans. Available in twenty sizes with gross output ratings from 667 to 4551 MBH, the V11 Series fires gas, oil or combination gas/oil and is available equipped with either steam or water trim. The product meets the energy efficiency requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 with combustion efficiencies up to 85%.

Features that Make the Difference
Each boiler section is hydrostatically tested at two and one half times the rated working pressure to guarantee that the section is free from manufacturing defects. Factory-assembled sections are tested at one and one half times the rated working pressure. The wet base construction of the section circulates water around the combustion chamber to maximize heat transfer. The sections are surface ground to ensure smooth surface mating, and sealed gas-tight with an elastic sealing compound. This sealant is used on all section joints to guarantee a completely sealed and pressure-tight assembly required for optimum forced draft operation. The sealant is easier to apply and lasts longer than conventional gasketing materials.

Boiler sections are joined with quality cast iron nipples which will increase the longevity of the boiler by resisting petroleum based chemicals, including corrosion inhibitors, pump lubricants and antifreeze, which can deteriorate the gaskets used in some competitor's boilers. Time-proven cast iron nipples last the life of the boiler. They expand and contract along with the sections they join ensuring the integrity of the entire section assembly. To ensure quality and availability, castings for the V11 boiler and other Burnham boilers are produced at our own in-house modern foundry. That's a claim no other boiler manufacturer can make.

Easy to Assemble
The sectional construction of the V11 boiler makes it easy to maneuver through doorways and into the boiler room. The sections can then be assembled using two common tools. Assembly Tools: The V11 boiler can be assembled using a 3/4" drive ratchet with a 1-1/4" deep socket and a wrench. Reinforced Lugs: The V11 boiler sections have reinforced lugs that are used to assemble the sections with short individual draw-rods permitting fast, stain-free assembly.

Versatile Venting
The unique feature of the V11 boiler is that it can be vented from the top or rear enabling easy chimney or outside wall venting for maximum installation flexibility.
Added safety and system integrity are achieved with the addition of a pressure relief door as standard equipment. The spring loaded door reduces potential damage to the breeching or heat exchanger in the event of an inadvertent delayed ignition of the burner. It also provides a flame observation port in the rear of the boiler.

Easy Service Features
Removable jacket panels and flue cover plates simplify access to heating surfaces for easy maintenance. Optional brass plugs are available to provide inspection of the boiler crown sheet.

Quality Since 1873
Burnham has earned a reputation for quality and dependability dating back to 1873 when Frederick Lord and William Burnham began to manufacture their first boilers to heat the greenhouses they produced in New York State. As it has for the past five generations, Burnham continues to be recognized as providing superior heat for American homes and buildings. Burnham produces the industry's widest array of cast iron and steel, residential and commercial boilers for gas-fired, oil-fired, single, or modular applications, as well as a full line of cast iron radiation.

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